Obstacle Course
13 Oct

Obstacle Course

  • Kids of all ages love obstacle courses, and the great thing about them is you can make an obstacle course out of anything.
  • You can also build a course indoors or out.
  • To build a course indoors, make a course that allows the child to climb over, walk on, go around, crawl under, etc.
  • Crawl under a table, jump over a book, walk on top of a tape line, climb over a couch, crawl through a tunnel made out of a sheet draped over some furniture, walk across some pillows, etc.
  • Outside have toddler jump off of a brick, jump over a stick, run around some flower pots, climb a playground ladder, slide down the slide, etc.
  • You are only limited by your imagination.
  • Play Follow-the-Leader through the obstacle course.
  • Pretend to chase your toddler through the course or let him chase you.


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